Savvy dad transforms unused garden into exotic Tiki bar – and it cost just £800

A dad created a home Tiki bar in his garden for just £800 using YouTube videos and free salvaged materials.

Tom Sherratt, 31, transformed his unused garden into an exotic holiday bar – complete with a palm thatched roof, all wooden decor and its own working bar taps.

The thrifty dad-of-one started the project after his summer holiday was cancelled because of lockdown and wanted to “bring fun in the sun to home”.

He began work in October and trawled through Facebook Marketplace for materials – sourcing half of them for free.

He used wooden panels across the edge of the bar to give the illusion of bamboo panelling and even created his ‘Tiki Bar’ wooden sign in a tropical font.

Savvy Tom also managed to find beer coolers, pint glasses and tables from closed down pubs in the area and now stocks local lager at his bar.

An electrician by trade, he taught himself the skills to build from YouTube and spent his evenings and weekends on the six-month project.

The bar also has four signs outside the entrance, listing other garden pubs from around the world and their distances from his.
He is praying for the good weather to return and lockdown to end before he invites his friends over.

Tom, from Stoke-on-Trent, said: “I’m really happy with it.

“Like most people I needed to have a little project to keep myself going during lockdown.\

“I got the idea last year when I kept seeing lots of traditional style garden pubs being made by bored at home blokes.

“I wanted to do something a bit different and not like anywhere else.

“I was speaking it over with my partner at the time and we were talking about our holiday being cancelled.

“That’s when I thought I’d bring the holiday closer to home and in time for this summer.”

His quest for materials saw him search Facebook Marketplace and other online forums.

He said: “I started off on marketplace and found lots of bits and bobs from people who decided to do up their homes and had materials left over.

“A lot of the time they just wanted the stuff shifting and didn’t want to take it to the tip.

“The wooden pallets were free, it was just the cost of the petrol.”

He has tried to make the Tiki bat authentic with telegram polls outside with a list of other pubs.

His Instagram posts received a lot of replies from other home bars who wanted a mention.

He said: “They’re from up and down the country and I have ones on there from Denmark and Russia too. It was quite fun working out which way I had to point them too. It’s just a nice touch.

“I just can’t wait to get my friends and family round and enjoy all the hard work I put in.

“Roll on summer I say!”