Incredible gran Ethel Hanford, 99, survived home ‘gas explosion’ with just burns

This is the first picture of the 99-year-old grandmother who incredibly survived an expected gas explosion.

Ethel Hanford’s family have revealed she suffered burns to her face in the terrifying blast in Willesborough in Ashford, Kent.

Heroes Andy and Harry Hodges saved Mrs Hanford and her son Donald, 75, after racing into the burning row of houses this morning.

The pair, who work in construction, were driving past the house when they witnessed the aftermath of the explosion, which saw two people airlifted to hospital and a further five hurt.

One of Mrs Hanford and Donald’s relatives said: “Ethel has burns to her face and Donald has burns to his arms and face – he’s getting transferred to East Grinstead Hospital tomorrow.

“But we think they’re both going to be ok.”

Andy and Harry Hodges rescued Mrs Hanford by sprinting through a hole where the front of her house had been.

Andy, 53, grabbed Mrs Hanford – who was sitting in her dining room dazed from a nasty cut to her head – and lifted her over his shoulders.

He negotiated the rubble on the floor and passed her to his son Harry, 22, who helped her over to a nearby patch of grass.

The Hodges had already escorted Donald to safety.

Harry, from Ashford, added: “I don’t know if we are heroes, we just did what needed to be done.

“Had we not been there a few minutes earlier, who knows what could have happened. I’m just glad we were driving past at the time.”