After 21 years, Ernie Adams is retiring from Patriots, says he now joins Patriots fans

Patriots coach Bill Belichick announced after the draft that it would be Ernie Adams’ last with the Patriots, and now Adams has confirmed he is retiring.

Adams, who was Belichick’s right-hand man as the team’s director of football research, says he now looks forward to being just a football fan.

“The last 21 seasons with the New England Patriots have been extraordinary for me,” Adams said in a statement. “I am fortunate to have been part of a team along with Bill Belichick, outstanding colleagues, patient owners, and a lot of great players. It is time for me to stop working and join the many wonderful fans who have been with us for this run.”

Adams was a municipal bonds trader before he worked for Belichick, first in Cleveland and then in New England. It’s never been clear what, specifically, Adams does, but many of the methods that sports statistical analysts use are rooted in the same methods bond traders use to analyze economic data.